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Who we are

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SPOV is where the entertainment industries’ biggest ideas come to life.

We are detail-driven problem solvers with the skill and experience to carry a creative vision through the entire development process: from research and inception, across scripting and storyboarding, into full production.

Since forming in 2007, SPOV has contributed to the success of groundbreaking projects in gaming and cinema. We’ve earned the trust and loyalty of major players in both fields by giving everything to the work we do - and we continue to explore new ways of wowing audiences.

Still from Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

What we do

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SPOV does many things, but at our core we are designers.

We design solutions to creative problems for anyone with a grand idea and an audience to engage. We then turn those designs into truly original and impactful content, ready for commercial release.

SPOV predominantly provides services for the gaming industry, but with our experience in the film, television and advertising worlds, we’re also open to exploring new opportunities to produce work that will speak to your creative vision.

While our work varies massively, most projects fit into one or more of the following areas:


Art Direction / Concept Design / Script Development


Branding / Motion Graphics / Data Visualisation / Immersive / VR / AR Design and Production / Title Design / Generative / Live Visuals 


2D Character Design / 3D Character Design / Character Animation / Previsualisation 

UI / UX (User interface and user experience)
unravel 2 yarny characters passing a ball of light to each other
Still from Unravel 2

Our Clients

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SPOV supports and solves creative problems for the entertainment world’s most prestigious studios and creators.

We understand the cult and culture of gaming. We get the technical and production challenges of game and film development, and we thrive on the design nuances that come with conveying stories and immersing audiences.

While our clients are typically found in the game and film industries, our creative scope has no boundaries. As long as there’s a visual challenge to be interrogated, we’re ready to scrutinise your needs and magnify your ambitions through an alternative creative lens.

The success of our approach is backed by the loyalty we’ve gained from regular clients such as Warner Brothers, EA, Ubisoft and Sony – and in our contributions to notable cinematic releases like Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Dr Strange and Stephen Spielberg’s gaming-inspired sci-fi adventure Ready Player One.

The Call of Duty franchise is another long standing part of our project portfolio, and we’re proud to keep enduring relationships with Activision, Treyarch, Raven and Sledgehammer Games.

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We strive on all projects to create something the audience can feel: visual content that truly resonates.

And we achieve that by interrogating every minute detail at each stage of the production process, from briefing to release.

Research for us is immersing ourselves in the subject matter; the art, the history, the music, the literature - every single aspect of the project - to gain invaluable context for our designs. Production is then driven by skill, careful planning and client feedback, at the hands of a project team picked on ability, experience and subject specialism.

Above all, SPOV is a happy and excitable place. We care deeply about our work and the people who do it - and as our clients will tell you, it shows.

fist bump illustration with "REZPECT" graffiti from NBA 2K23 loading screen animations

Our People

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SPOV is nothing without brilliant people, and we’re proud to house and work with some of the best talent in our field. 

Our constantly evolving team includes multidisciplinary artists ranging from UI and UX designers, 3D modellers and animators, 2D designers and motion specialists to researchers and concept artists. This is where the industry’s greatest and most creative come to shine.

Today, SPOV’s in-house team is small but perfectly formed, with support from an unrivalled network of freelance experts - and that’s exactly how we like it. It allows us to be fast on our feet and to build bespoke teams that match every requirement of each project that comes to us, however niche or specific.

This model and the people within it have allowed us to achieve incredible things for a long list of industry-leading clients.

the spov team
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