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UI Concept Design for Bioware's Anthem

Client Bioware

Services UI Concept Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX Concepts

Creative & Design Lead Paul Hunt, Yugen Blake

3D Lead Adam Roche

2D Animation Paul Hunt, Adam Roche

2D Design Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake, Paul Hunt

Production Emma Middlemiss, Jackie Clarke

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SPOV provided Bioware with a host of graphical and animation concepts for Anthem’s UI including HUD concepts, Iconography, Customisation and menu screens. To compliment these, SPOV also provided concepts for the Javelin suit’s “boot up” sequence in game.

The elegance and fidelity of Anthem has allowed us SPOV to fully flex our traditional design muscle and provide some of the most detailed UI we’ve had the pleasure to work on.

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