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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

SPOV were delighted to help for our friends at Treyarch and Activision in conceiving, designing and producing 10 unique videos, we introduced each of the Specialists and their unique abilities for the latest instalment of the CoD franchise. To compliment these, an additional 7 videos for each Multiplayer Mode were created to showcase the latest gameplay modes.

Client Treyarch/Activision

Services Concept Design, Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, 3D Character Animation, UI, 2D Animation, Graphic Design, Compositing, VFX, Sound Design

Creative & Design Lead Andrea Braga

Design Lead James Brocklebank, Miles Christensen

3D & Comp Lead Mantas Grigaitis

3D & FX Lead Julio Dean

3D Artists Marcel Piekarski, Jim Greenslade, Marco Gifuni

Character Animation Lead Tammy Smith

Character Animation Jason Kotey

FX and Simulations Javier Verdugo, Xevi Polo, Adam Roche

2D Animation Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Cyrne, Samantha Thompson, Kieran Gee-Finch, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan

2D Design Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake

Production Gerri McCarthy, Samia Ahmed

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In addition to the requirement for a new level of character animation for Spov, we were tasked with creating a unique look for the character Bios. Near future impressions of A.I. augmented reality, machine vision, scanning technologies and “big data” were all creative touchstones for our research and helped brand the work as uniquely Black Ops 4. References from the worlds of gaming, TV, film and bleeding edge science all fused together to create an original but essentially believable treatment.

To identify the initial direction, Spov collaborated with the fantastic team at Treyarch to mine the visual culture of an incredibly diverse range of references. From Sports packages on TV to classic Samurai movies, from military tech to archaeological visualisations, any and all styles and techniques were employed to help define the world our characters would inhabit.

Detailed motion graphics in concert with ultra realistic character animation and scanned environments would be employed to brand the vignettes as a uniquely Treyarch production.

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Following highly detailed scripts from the client we commenced with our animation block outs and began to finalise the look development. Colour, lighting, textures, graphics, post-viz, sound design and a whole plethora of disparate assets all combined to ensure we gave the animations a level of gravitas for which Call of Duty has rightly become a world beater.

Spov understands the fluid nature of game development, so within the design stage and into final production we continually uprezzed our assets and animation. From smoke and fire simulations to a character’s skin pigment, the slightest script change can have huge ramifications. Our flexible pipeline ensures the Spov is nimble enough to absorb almost any change requests up to (and occasionally beyond) an agreed delivery schedule.

In addition to these 18 assets for the game’s release, Spov’s output was also repurposed for the Black Ops 4 Gameplay Trailer. It is a recurring theme for Spov where our output finds new outlets and consistently adds value to all our clients I.P.s. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had the highest number of launch day digital sales in Activion’s history and garnered $500 Million in its first three days.

Spov’s reputation for meticulously detailed work has led to a twelve year collaboration with Activision and the Call of Duty Franchise.

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