Titanfall 2

SPOV were tasked with creating a series of films introducing the Titans for the incredible sequel, Titanfall 2.  

Client Respawn / Electronic Arts

Production Emma Middlemiss, Jen Mather

Editor Rebecca Hall

Technical Director Julio Dean

2D/3D Design & Animation Mantas Grigaitis, Ryan Hays, Ian Jones, Mungo Horey, Rachel Chu

Executive Production Dan Higgott, Allen Leitch

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Following on from our involvement with their first release, SPOV were invited to contribute to the fantastic Titanfall 2 by our friends at Respawn Entertainment. We produced six stand-alone movies for Titanfall 2, introducing each Titan and displaying their unique abilities, using a mix of CG, VFX, and motion graphics techniques to animate the Titans and give the audience a flavour of things to come upon the game’s wider release.

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