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April 2, 2021



A new regular feature from us here at SPOV where we pick the top five ‘things’ we are listening, watching, going to (not at the moment!), playing or just anything we are interested in and we think you will be too. So in no particular order:

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1. 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never' - Oneohtrix Point Never aka Daniel Lopatin

Official Description: Lopatin said of his intent with creating Magic Oneohtrix Point Never that: "I wanted to make a cohesive, punchy, 50-minute record that was very personal, but pulled from FM palettes that I was personally interested in [...] I think it works really well as a metaphor for how I've changed. The things that I try to understand about my own life and being an avid musical listener and how much that's influenced me as a musician is kind of apparent on this record. That metaphor of transformation is something that I came to by thinking about the radio".
Agnes: The immersive experience I like listening to while I sculpt in VR. My favourite track is Long Road Home, but my all-time favourite still Toys 2 from the album 'Age of'. The album is themed around a psychedelic radio aesthetic

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2. 'Jerk of All Trades' - Lunachicks

Official Description: The third album from American punk rock band, Lunachicks. Released on May 23, 1995.
Sam: An underrated band and one of my favourites. Light as a Feather is a great song from this album!

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3. 'So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley' - Jeff Buckley

Official Description: So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley is a 'best of' compilation album of Jeff Buckley material, released on May 22, 2007.
Jasmine: One of all-time favourite compilation albums, it could also be titled “Songs to bore your friends with at karaoke” because if I have the chance to sing Jeff Buckley, you should know that I will take it. This has been on a constant rotation for me for around a decade and although I don’t naturally gravitate to live versions of songs, this album shows how powerful his voice truly was in or out of the studio. A lovely mix of the hits and a smattering of covers, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the water that is Jeff Buckley, I would suggest starting here!

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Official Description: This Is Trojan brings together 60 Reggae Classics across three discs, with the selection including none other than 5 UK No. 1s and 35 UK Top 20 hits. Featured are seminal hits from such reggae legends as Desmond Dekker, The Harry J All Stars, Ken Boothe, John Holt, Bob & Marcia, The Maytals and The Pioneers.
Simon: This isn't quite the version I have but close enough, I listen to Trojan music every day, a great sampler with some Rocksteady, Ska, and Reggae. Give it a go, it will make you happy.

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5. 'L'ULTIMO A MORIRE' - Speranza

Official Description: Napolitan-French rapper; The lyrics in his songs are in Neapolitan, French, Italian, and Gypsy dialect. He also has a side project Ugo de la Napoli, influenced by Romanian and gypsy music.
Didem: Hip-hop or rap is not really my choice but Speranza is so unique to me. Most of the lyrics are in Napolitan and I don't understand them. Although I know his lyrics are full of anger and explicit, I love feeling the emotions and passion in his voice. Especially the song IRIS is my favorite!!

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